Hello Baby!

I thought I would give everyone a little update on how my pregnancy is going and a little insight into why I haven’t been posting regularly.

So I have been really under the weather with one thing after another. IBD has definitely made it so me and pregnancies are seriously not friends. In my first pregnancy I was having a flare, nobody told me I could still flare with a jpouch but by gosh did I flare. I also had a lot of scar tissue which meant the bumps outward growth was restricted.

This time it’s slightly different, baby Button LOVES to lay on my intestines which cause quite painful blockages. I have different scar tissue now from having a c-section and my stoma created. Both surgeries the surgeons cut away scar tissue but I’ve been told there was a lot. I’ve only just got out of the excessive fatigue phase which is AMAZING to say the least. 

I’ve lost a fair bit of weight in a short space of time due to nausea and loss of appetite. I am really lucky to have a dietician who really cares about the weight loss (unlike the midwife) as the baby takes what it needs and thinks stuff mum! So I am getting a prescription for Vital (I think) which is basically a build up milkshake made out of/with peptides which are supposed to be better for my stoma. If this doesn’t work I may need a feed tube, it can be apparently common amongst pregnant women with stomas. I’m trying to force myself to eat or eat literally whatever I fancy. It’s hard to say the least but I will get there.

The photo on the left is when I was pregnant with Ra-Ra in 2013 both are 18weeks (although I was like a stone heavier then) I don’t see much difference in the bump size or shape so I will have to wait a fortnight for our 20week scan to find out the gender rather than guess. With Ra-Ra I just knew I was having a girl but this time I’m not sure. At the beginning I thought it may be a girl but now I’m not sure that it’s not a boy. In the grand scheme of things having a girl would be cheaper but we really don’t mind. We have names picked out for both, just like last time. 

Has anyone else been pregnant whilst having an ileostomy and how did it go for you? 

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