My Mighty Month – February 

So I wanted to write this over the last couple of days but I had two quite negative mornings that threw me out for the rest of the day. Due to that negativity I didn’t feel like I could give the justice needed for this post, but 00Steve and I made headway with stuff for Baby Buttons room and the hallway that the negativity dripped away.

Shell over at Stoma In A Teacup pointed me in the direction of The Mighty’s “My Mighty Month” and February’s challenge was all about happiness.

The basic premise is that each week they give you a mini challenge to add to the starting point. So everyday for the month of February you have to write one thing that made you happy. That in itself for some people can be quite hard. To make it more interesting the think bots over at The Mighty suggested either writing down it on a piece of paper and folding it up OR making little origami stars out of strips of paper.

I always enjoyed doing the stars as a teen so I thought that in itself would make me happy and relaxed. Then you pop your chosen method into a jar, you could decorate the jar too if you wanted. My jar I stuck some metallic stars on, you know the ones you scatter on tables at parties?

Halfway through the month they asked you to start writing three things down, so you added an extra two to your jar everyday. I have to admit I found this harder than I liked and actually had to force myself to do things like going for a walk, cooking from scratch (since being pregnant I’ve struggled with that one)

They also wanted you to write a list of four things you wanted to achieve in the month with regards to self care and something you have been putting off. From there you write a plan and set reminders. I didn’t do this as even though this sounds silly but I felt like this would be too much for me to do. They also suggested writing a letter to someone you care about that you haven’t heard from in awhile and read it to them. I don’t feel like I needed to do this as with the people I care about I can just talk to no matter where they are in the world and it’s no different than if I saw them everyday. However I think for some people this could be a very valuable exercise.

Then the next week it was try and involve your family and friends but I have noticed I have started to isolate myself from those that I care about. So I suppose I have a new challenge within itself! Also if you weren’t able to think of two extra happiness things they encouraged you to write something you are grateful for. But I would pretty much be repeating myself more than I did with the happiness!

So on the whole I don’t think I maybe put enough into this to get something major out of it. However the fact that it encouraged me to get up and do things that would make me happy; like going for the walks when the weather was dry and catching pokémon with Ra-Ra ha ha. But it’s made me really think when I’m having down days that there is always something good in my day. I know that sounds like a contradiction to my opening paragraph but I don’t usually have about five things battering my self esteem and confidence.

Did you do the challenge? How did you find it?

One thought on “My Mighty Month – February 

  1. Cute jar, and a great idea. Whilst you may not have given this your all to get a huge benefit, I’m glad it made you do things you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise have done and made you focus a little more on self-care – every little helps! I like the idea of setting 4 goals for the month, might have to try that one.x


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