So I Turned Thirty

Yep my life now spans three decades as my dad commented (my response yours will be 5 next month!) I never have high expectations for my birthday and this year I was pleasantly surprised, however 0oSteve always makes an effort.

On my birthday my Mam came to see me for a bit which was nice as I hadn’t seen her other than when she was at work for awhile. 00Steve took a half day and took me to mcdonalds, then Sam and Ted came and dropped off my beautiful designer bag that they and Rob and Stacey got me (it made me so happy)

00Steve took Ra-Ra and I to Edinburgh for the weekend and in the like 10 times I have been to Edinburgh in the last 9 years it’s only been awful weather once and that was obviously this weekend. Saying that check out the glorious sunshine we had on Sunday! 

We took Ra-Ra to the National Museum of Scotland with our friend Darren, we had lunch in a cathedral basement with Mr Puddleduck  (Mrs Puddleduck was sadly away for the weekend) and braved a queue in the rain for half an hour to get in to the Castle. I’ve lost count how many times I have been but now Ra-Ra has been and more importantly I finally got my squashed penny from there!

Darren and I played with the Cybraphon by tweeting and googling it to get a reaction. It basically Google searches itself every 15 seconds or so and uses social media to gauge it’s mood. It was fun for 5 minutes or so. 

We absolutely loved visiting Camera Obscura, which if you go to Edinburgh in the future it’s so worth it. It’s full of optical illusions and the show at the very top is great. At first we were like “a show really?” but it was really good. Obviously a lot of people may know what the Camera Obscura is but for those that don’t, it is a small mirror which is an led to reflect light into three lenses. It shows an image from outside inside. I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to ruin it. 

I got some lovely presents from family and work. I say work the team over at Comfizz HQ sent me a Sherlock Broach and a Star Wars card, clearly they know me quite well or I have simple tastes! I received money, a designer handbag, a BB8 teapot and cup, a purple vanity case which I use for my ostomy supplies (much to 00Steve’s dismay) and a lightsaber umbrella!

I took full advantage of the giant Primark on Princes Street and bought some clothes that I hope will see me a bit further into my pregnancy  (knowing my luck it wont) since I lost a lot of weight (which I’ve gained some back but unfortunately due to eating takeaways) I haven’t been able to wear my wedding rings so after getting my finger sized at a G which is apparently classed as a child size I found one on a stall on the Royal Mile made from silver.

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