Purple Wings Charity Pin Up Shoot

I had the pleasure to attend another amazing event held by Purple Wings Charity on the 11th March, a bunch of beautiful, brave babes met up in a hotel conference room to smash some taboo’s and boost their own confidence whilst raising some money for their amazing cause. Which if you didn’t know by now is to help give people who have a stoma as a result of IBD a sense of self and to feel the confidence that they should have. These are through “time for me” grants which can be anything from a day out with their family or as simple as a haircut.

It was a day I think none of us will forget in a hurry and new friendships were formed and old ones revisited. Six beautiful women gave up their Saturday to make a group of women baring their scars feeling picture perfect. One lady I am proud to call my friend Amy was even taking part in the photo shoot let alone doing everyone’s hair! I have to admit I panicked that she wasn’t going to make her shoot but thankfully she did.

If you don’t know by now that I ADORE Jasmine Stacey then there is something wrong! She was doing hair and make-up and I of course had to go annoy the bejeebus out of her. So not only did she do my make-up and finish off my hairstyle, I was in her ivory classic collection for the shoot, it would have been rude not too.

Lauren (another woman I love wholeheartedly) did her usual thing of managing to be everywhere at once and socialising with everyone. Some days I struggle to just talk to one person let alone a room full! I met some incredible ladies and was super excited to meet my little FiFi in person after talking to her online for what seems like forever.

I had, had how I wanted to look and pose sorted for a while. I sent Jasmine some ideas and from there she could put her own stamp on it. I definitely had a few looks when I pulled out my leather jacket when everyone else was being a pin up, but I am after all the Punk Rock Ostomate! I annoyingly forgot to double check the poses I wanted to do but thankfully I didn’t need to worry as Lisa the photographer helped give me some direction when I needed it.

FiFi nipped out and grabbed me a chair too as two of the poses I wanted to do required a chair. It wasn’t a visually appealing chair but let’s face it nobody should give a toss about the chair! I will always worry I’m going to look gormless or like I’m chewing a bee. But if people don’t tell me to smile etc. my face is going to do what it wants!!
I had a fantastic day overall and I am so glad I did it especially as the day before I nearly decided to not bother, my social anxiety has been giving me some grief recently. But meeting the women I did and seeing my friends made it all so worth it. Hopefully the professional photos have turned out okay. Don’t worry I will create a post so you can see them when I receive them!

I sincerely hope that purple wings is able to do more of these in the future as so many people since wanted to do it and feel empowered like we did. These women not only felt empowered and conscious of their own beauty but future decisions with surgery. There was so much positivity in that room that it could have shot the top off the hotel I swear, and THAT is what Purple Wings is all about for both men AND women.

If you haven’t already liked the Purple Wings please check out their Facebook page where there is information on all of the future events. For instance the guy’s footie match and the charity ball. But also information on how you can donate to this much needed charity.

5 thoughts on “Purple Wings Charity Pin Up Shoot

  1. Kim says:

    It was completely my pleasure to take a day out and dedicate my time and make up to you beautiful ladies and such a great charity. I have IBD myself I’m a ‘crohnie’ and who nos I may indeed need help in the future and it’s wonderful to no that the help is there should I or anyone else need it. Much love to all you strong amazing women. And look forward to working and meeting up with you all again soon xxxx

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