Stoma Style: Review 

When I went to the Purple Wings event I met Lisa Wilkinson from Stoma Style. I decided to try some of her covers, I was never really sure if I wanted to wear covers but you never know until you try them

I ordered three covers; Batman, black with pink/purple stars and an eeyore. She made a note of which bag I use and the size, this means its even more customised to you. When Lisa went back to work she messaged me to let me know and that they would be with me soon. 

She also messaged me to let me know she couldn’t get hold of any eeyore material and asked what I would like instead. She is incredibly responsive with messages and always keeps you in the loop. I swear it was only a couple of days later she messaged me to say they were going in the post the next day! This photo came with the message.

Needless to say I was excited with them coming, I was in the lakes when they arrived so 00Steve brought them to me after he had been at home (I sadly had to work straight after the holiday) 

Straight away I put on the Batman cover. They fit the bag perfectly and felt comfortable. They will be perfect for the days I wear normal knickers or my comfizz boxers as I don’t like the feeling of the bottom of my bag against my leg. The cover completely solves that problem. I have folded the bottom of the opening in on itself. The covers are a nice alternative to wearing intimacy knickers.

The stitching is very neat and the cover itself looks very professional. I’m not sure if the hole in the back would be better off being elasticated or not. I did find it quite fiddly to put on but I’m sure the more I use the covers the easier it will go on.  I personally use the first bit of velcro (or hook and loop fastener for my fellow QI fans out there) and find that the opening on the cover could be adapted for those that wear a bag like that. Whether that be a longer flap at the front that fastens on the back of the cover with velcro or shorter and kept the way she does it already.

However this may or may not be something she has already considered or is working on. It’s not a negative criticism because I can barely use my sewing machine no matter how hard I try to get the hang of it. So for the fact she can do the covers to such a high quality is amazing.

You can request any material and Lisa will do her best to source the material. However she has a ton of materials to choose from already. On her Facebook page at the moment she has Halloween and Christmas materials ready to get you in the spirit of things. Oh and just in HARRY FREAKING POTTER! I will be getting some more at some point.

To show some more of the bags and how they fit different bags this is my gorgeous friend Jess sporting her Stoma Style covers in Avengers, Olaf and Cruella DiVille. 

If you are unsure of whether or not it’s worth it I suggest getting one and seeing how you go. As with anything it’s all trial and error to find the things that work for you! Also I just want to point out these aren’t just for women! Men, children and even osto bears can wear them too!

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