Anniversary and Birthday Weekender

I know you all know by now that I’m married and have a little girl, but what you may not know is she was born on our second wedding anniversary. Everyone usually gushes with how lovely that is. Not everyone realises it meant I had a cesarean on my wedding anniversary I felt very selfish and put out but wouldn’t change her for a minute

So I planned for us to go away that weekend, so she could have a special birthday but I still felt like something was done for our anniversary.

So 4pm Friday off we popped to South Cumbria to Barrow-in-Furness for our celebrations. Ra-Ra dived in the room and was excited to see her bed which was a sofa bed. The room was really nice and spacious.

On the Saturday we all headed down for our ‘spoons breakfast (wetherspoons for anyone outside the UK) then made our way for the zoo. Now Ra-Ra has been so excited about going for ages and she loved it. I asked her what her favourite part was and in her words; feeding all her friends. I mean how cute is that? She fed a giraffe and random roaming animals also *shudder* a peacock (yep I’m not only scared of spiders and horses but peacocks too)

She went on a little steam train and a “road” train which she thoroughly enjoyed as she loves trains at the moment. She also met three lemurs that were walking along the fence next to us and had a monkey climb under her feet to the ground from the walkway.

We had some lunch at one of the themed restaurants and we bought her some cake and we sung happy birthday to her then she blew out an imaginary candle. My heart freaking melted I tell you!

When we got back I spotted some random floating things above some buildings near our hotel. They were huge inflatable kite/floats so we of course went on the hunt for them and we weren’t disappointed.

The photo really doesn’t do them justice to be honest. We had food and just chilled in our hotel for the night so we were well rested for our boat adventure.

We checked out, had breakfast then drove down towards Piel Island. There is a castle ruins on the island and you have to get a ferry to get to it. I use the term ferry loosely! It was like a fishing boat but Ra-Ra enjoyed herself tremendously she called it the noisy boat which again was adorable.

We went through the ruins to the stone beach the other side and found crab remains everywhere! I thought I would be clever and stand on one of the rocks just off the beach in the water and lo and behold I got damn well soaked, I’m just glad I took my socks off whilst we were still in the car 00Steve found it highly hilarious the twatbag. Although if it was the other way around I probably would still be laughing.

The downside was we were told the ferry was every 10-15minutes we waited 1.5hrs as I had a nightshift and the journey home was 3hrs I was less than impressed with that. But we all had a really nice time, after everything we have been through this year it was nice to have some family time where we didn’t have to impose on friends. We definitely made some memories which was the whole point!

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