Stoma Style: Intimacy Hearts

I asked Lisa of Stoma Style to make me some more bag covers two of which are gifts for a couple of my friends, one standard one for me and then something a little bit special.

I obviously not going to share the photos of them as they haven’t got them yet. Before we move on to the intimacy heart let’s just take a moment to appreciate my latest cover…

Ra-Ra tells me I am Wonder Woman  to her Batman and 00Steve is Hulks yes Hulks because she can’t for some reason say Hulk (and yes I know she is mixing up DC and Marvel but she is three I think I will let her off!)

Above is my intimacy heart, I’d mentioned them to Lisa last month and she said she would make me one. I’m her first customer with the heart too! It is bigger than I expected, although I don’t really know what size I was expecting if I’m honest. I guess it must be awkward making something to fit a folded bag. On the whole I like it, it’s very burlesque with the lace. 
You can have them any colours and material too. I got the heart to go with the Jasmine Stacey Collection lingerie I have pre ordered. I think it may look a bit more striking than having just a standard fitted bag cover. I keep umming and ahhing about doing pole dancing and burlesque (but I will need to drive before they happen) and I think the hearts would work for that too. One of my friends burlesque troupes does shows and the heart would be a great addition to an outfit.

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