The Brains Behind the Boudoir: Jasmine Stacey An Interview.

To kick my first post of the year off I thought I would raise awareness for a small business that I not only adore but is ostomy related! So let me introduce Jasmine Stacey the brains and beauty behind Jasmine Stacey Collection. I have previously reviewed the Black Widow set that I got in limited edition red which you can read here.

What made you want to start JSC?

I am like any girl who goes through the surgery. I was scared, felt alone in the situation & thought no-one could possibly ever love me. The surgery left not only physical scars but also emotional scars, greatly affecting my body confidence. When recovering I used designing lingerie as a outlet for my emotions. I started to explore the subject more and found a need for the lingerie I was designing. I didn’t have a CLUE about how to make a bra or pant so I went on a course in London College of Fashion to give me some foundations. 

 As I have experienced first hand the problems faced with re-gaining confidence I used this to fuel energy into my designs and create innovative designs to help empower women to be who they want to be. My core motive is to create feminine garments with powerful imagery encapsulating women unchanged, everlastingly beautiful and unchanged. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

All the women that I talk to, who I’ve met through my work and charity are the inspiration to me more than anything. However, my creativity for the designs always stem from nature. My AW16 stemmed from spiders.

Have you always been interested with fashion?

I’ve always been a fan of fashion although I would never describe it as one of my passions. My love for lingerie and the fashion industry grew when I started to learn more and more about it. My first serious lingerie love was with Gossard! However, when I found independent brands such as Lascivious, Dirty Pretty Things & Bordelle it opened up a whole new world. I didn’t fall in love with lingerie until I was about 19!

How would you describe the women who wear your lingerie?

They are strong, powerful and beautiful woman & have decided to overcome their fears, took the leap to feel special or maybe just wanted to treat themselves.
What three words would you use to describe your brand?

Sexy, daring & most of all innovative.

What do you think sets your brand out from the rest?

I think that my brand is powerful and shocking, whilst encapsulating woman unchanged, everlastingly beautiful and whole. The designs are for women who want to feel a little special every once in a while and take into account that women want to feel sexy and sometimes don’t want to worry about their bags as it does not define them. 

Do you have a favourite line within your collection and why?

My personal favourite is still the AW15- Vixen set. The silk is to die for and honestly it was the first design I drew! (Which you can see below)

What are the best and worst aspects of designing lingerie?

The rewarding aspects is when you get the amazing feedback from customers! It is so amazing hearing that I have helped someones confidence. I am a frantic designer and find that it is all a little messy but when the product comes together with fabrics it is amazing. Sometimes it is a little frustrating when the fabrics and laws of physics wont allow you to do some of your designs!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

To be honest, its actually selling ANY. I couldn’t believe the response. I thought it was a small experiment to start a business on a low budget and to just see what happened. I never dreamt of it becoming what it is today. The feeling of selling a garment, you have designed and overseen throughout the whole process is the best feeling. 

What are the three pieces of lingerie do you think every woman should own?

Without a doubt – a plunge bra. Sexy as hell highwaisted knickers with suspenders built in and for me a silk nightie! Nothing is sexier.

I hope that like me you are able to appreciate more, the sheer determination and the hard work that goes into the beautiful pieces we are able to buy. I am definitely going to buy more and more, I hope you try them out for yourselves too.

Top photo – model – Jess Sandiford – photographer – A Calculated Risk 

Middle photo – model – Danielle McCormack – photographer – Charly Woodhouse Photography 

Bottom photo – model – Jasmine Stacey  – photographer – Claire Seville 

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