2017 Isn’t About Resolutions….

So now is the time everyone is making New Years resolutions. I’m not writing any this year, nor am I ignoring them. But for me they are a way to try and make myself whole again. 

Yeah I know even though being pregnant may make things a bit harder, I’m still willing to try. Plenty of people have complained about how shit 2016 has been and yes celebrity death wise it has been atrocious (for me the hardest blow was Carrie Fisher) But in my 2016 it hasn’t been all doom and gloom, yes my health really hit new lows and the miscarriage was horrific. I have had quite a good year, my health improved with my surgery, meeting my wifey from San Diego and my Partner In Crime, seeing my best bitches, falling pregnant and seeing my favourite band live.

I have been really struggling with myself lately, I feel lost somewhere within myself. I don’t know when exactly it started but all this fatigue has brought it right to my attention. So hopefully putting some fun things on a sort of to do list might help get me somewhere close to where I was.

In no particular order here they are!!

I turn 30 in less than a month and 00Steve is taking Ra-Ra and myself up to Edinburgh my favourite place in the UK. So my first promise to myself is just to chill out and even have a small glass of red on the Saturday. I’m hoping to get to see some of my dear friends.

I’ve been really quite anti social and feel like I’ve let some of my friends down so seeing them more is on my list.

I’m hopefully having a weekend away with my best bitches as the three of us badly need some time away from our lives. So Manchester watch out!

I have bought my ticket for the Purple Wings Charity pamper day. You get to have your hair and make up done, then once donned your lingerie, a photographer will catch your best side and you get a digital print. That’s not all afterwards you are treated to afternoon tea. Spaces are limited so if you are interested please get in touch with the charity.

I’ve already written my birth plan (Yes I am one of those people) I would be so happy if at least one thing goes to plan!!

A spa day with my Partner In Crime is definitely needed, she has needed me and I’ve been so wrapped up in myself I pushed her away. We have spoken about everything and she understands but it doesn’t make it right. So day of relaxation is needed.

I will be going to the Purple Wings Charity Ball as it’s too good to miss. It will be more difficult as I will be leaving behind a few weeks old baby. But 00Steve is more than capable to cope for one night besides he is pushing for me to go because he knows what it means to me.

Keeping up with regular posts on here and my Facebook page, let’s face it I don’t want any opportunities to pass me by!

Even though the idea is slightly scaring me for just how much faith Comfizz are putting in me. But I’m going to remain optimistic with writing regular and not be boring!

I’m also looking forward to writing for Securicare/CliniMed too.

Oh and last but not least I’m determined to learn to drive. I aim to have passed and have a car by the time Button arrives.

These are just a few things I would really like to achieve and go my way! But I know like with anything I have to work at them but remaining positive and trying to have fun is key. 

I would love to hear from you and what your goals are for the year ahead. Here is to a great 2017 life is what you make of it!!


2 thoughts on “2017 Isn’t About Resolutions….

  1. Some very exciting goals for the year ahead for you! I wrote a post on yesterday actually about Resolutions as I’m not setting them myself, but seeing both the challenges and things to look forward to in the new year is certainly something I need to give more thought to… Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year – I hope it’s a healthy and happy one!
    Caz x

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    • I haven’t been amazing at checking blogs I follow lately but I will most definitely have a look!! Have a great 2017 if your UK based why don’t you come to one of the events? X


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