Stoma Friendly Toilets

So I feel quite bad I’ve had these stickers from the Colostomy Association for awhile now and I completely forgot to write about them can we blame baby brain?! 

I first spotted this sticker campaign on twitter. They are wanting all toilets to meet the requirements of people with an ostomy. 

The essential requirements are :

  • Having a hook on the door to hang clothes or supply bags. (Most have these but it’s soooo disappointing when they don’t even before my stoma I liked to hang my bag on one)
  • Shelf space so that you can place your items for easy access. (Not everyone likes the pocket bags you can get from ostomy supply companies)
  • Having a bin in each cubicle. (This is in my opinion for men, generally there are sanitary bins in ladies cubicles)

They also have a list of recommended requirements :

  • Having appropriate signage on accessible toilets to help prevent people with ostomies getting hostility from people using them. (This has been seen by major supermarkets already with “not all disabilities are visible” campaigns)
  • Mirrors so that people can see their stoma when changing their appliances.
  • Ensuring there is always plenty of toilet roll, paper towels and hand wash available. (Ostomy or no ostomy this is common sense and unfortunately not checked often enough)

I think these are relatively simple and should be quite easy for most companies to adapt too. I don’t personally use a mirror for my stoma as it’s quite high but as my pregnancy progresses I can imagine it may become harder to see, aswell as I will have to size my stoma regularly as it can stretch along with my bump.

Hopefully the more the general public accept not everyone with a disability is in a chair or has crutches. No not everyone with a stoma sees themselves as disabled but obviously accept they have a disability with accessing toilets.

3 thoughts on “Stoma Friendly Toilets

  1. This is a great campaign. I reposted a photo from the Colostomy Association’s Facebook page a couple of days ago about Marks and Spencer rolling out new disability signs for their toilets in 2017 to say that ‘not every disability is visible’. Small steps like this should really help 😀


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