Things Are Getting Exciting

So after a roller coaster of a year with being really ill, having surgery, falling pregnant,  having a miscarriage, going to events, being offered a job and more events we have found out we are expecting again!

On the 20th of October I had to go get a test, I was only two days late which isn’t anything new for a lot of people but I had a feeling. The day before I had a mini rage to one of my good friends because I had cramps and had been stuffing my face left right and centre I had decided my monthly was due.

Anyway I took the test in the afternoon not expecting much and figured I would do another one the next morning and double check. I was surprised because within seconds the test said I was pregnant.

I had wanted to surprise 00Steve with the news on his birthday so I was a couple of weeks further along but I just couldn’t wait. I told him that afternoon then got a message back just saying “wooooo” then he complained that I should have kept it secret from him as he is very impatient.

I haven’t had the best time the last few weeks, the ligament pain from my uterus stretching has been unreal, matched with a bloody UTI (if you have had one you understand!)

I’ve been showing for a few weeks so I’m impressed more people didn’t know, thankfully it’s clothes dependant though.

Today we had our dating scan and thankfully we straight away saw a baby with a really strong heartbeat. I have to admit I cried with relief because I’ve been so poorly this week and with what happened last time. Ra-Ra seemed to really like watching the baby, she has been talking to my tummy all week.

If you read my blog often you will know 00Steve HATES his photo being taken but I forced him this time.

I met my obstetrician today she allowed me to have loperamide which is a huge relief because the midwife told me I couldn’t and for whatever reason I really needed it this week. She is happy for me to go for a natural labour but I may have to have a c section if the need arises, which as long as my baby is fine it doesn’t matter how baby is born.

I just need to think of a nickname now! Ra-Ra was peanut, the one I lost was bean, I keep getting drawn to button as in cute as a button but we will see.

I’m so excited it’s unreal let’s just hope it flies by. I may have to have extra scans like with Ra-Ra and that’s fine more chances to see our little baby.

6 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Exciting

  1. Cindy says:

    Wishing you all lots of love and fingers crossed for a smooth pregnancy look forward to reading more about your journey xx


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