IBD Awareness BlogLovin!

As we near the end of Crohns and Colitis Awareness Week I thought I would share some of the blogs/vlogs that I read regularly or I used to help with my research into life with an ostomy before my surgery. These are all in no particular order!


Louise over at Young Crohns – I found her over on twitter and I quite enjoy the way she writes.

Shell, the person who completes my online dynamic duo! Stoma In A Teacup is all about making some serious awareness noise.

Laura, my aussie pal from Stomalicious loves to travel the world.

Sam over at So Bad Ass I think is most people’s first IBD  blog starting point.

 Thaila never fails to impress with her pop of colour and enthusiasm. We also share a love of Sherlock! Her blog can be found at Thaila Skye.

Mary over at It Could Be Worse and I have a slight transatlantic love affair with our fangirling over Def Leppard and silly snapchat filters. Who knew that would happen from just commenting on posts?

Amy doesn’t write on her blogs anymore but I feel both are still relevant Stacey Stoma and Ostomism Not Pessimism.

Eric like to post about roller coasters, reviews and being vegan. His blog VeganOstomy gave me hope that I could eat fruit and vegetables with an ileostomy.

Invisibly Me is a nice blog, I found from them commenting on some of my posts.
Donna has an instagram blog called myrtlesmemoirs.

Gemma who created the OstoMY Fashion group has a Facebook page dedicated to running at Running With Crohns Disease.

I hope some of these become new staples on your blog reading list. I would LOVE to hear of others so please pop them in the comments!

3 thoughts on “IBD Awareness BlogLovin!

  1. Fab post, one or two here I’ve not seen before so thank you.
    Thank you also for mentioning me! ❤
    The other one that comes to mind is Billy The Bag (


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