Crohns And Colitis Awareness Week

So as most of you are all aware by now it’s like the title says it’s Crohns and Colitis Awareness Week. We’re well into day 2 now and it’s been heart warming already!

Social media has been filled with many people talking about their lives and how IBD has affected them, for some people it’s their first time sharing and I’m so proud of them for it. Profile pictures on both Facebook and Twitter have been adorned with the CCUK twibbons like on my photo above (Yes I’m a poser do I care? Not a jot!)

Crohns and Colitis UK aka the CCUK mentioned above also created a template for a poster which you can personalise. It’s been really nice seeing other peoples story in bullet point form.

People even without IBD have been joining in and showing their support for those with Chrons and Colitis too with this…

There have been other people videoing their bag changes and talking about their skincare routine. Sure everyone is different but sometimes it’s nice to see how others do it as sometimes a tiny little change in your routine could make your life so much easier (hopefully not worse) 

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