Tiger Army Never Dies! Gigging With An Ostomy 

Hey guys so I got to see my absolute favourite band a couple of nights ago. If you hadn’t guessed by the title that band is none other than Tiger Army an outstanding psychobilly punk band. I’m that obsessed that I have three tattoos to them although one ended up stuffing up but hey ho! Anyway I wouldn’t be a very good Punk Rock Ostomate if I didn’t start gigging again would I?

So my left hip got a battering as I refused to be anywhere other than right at the front at the barrier! I used my hip to protect my stomach and stoma but it was so worth it!

There is no zoom on that image, no cropping and I’m not stretched over the barrier. I was so close I could have touched Nick13 as he came to the front of the stage with his beautiful gretch guitars.

Anybody that knows me personally knows just how in LOVE with Nick I am! or they should do I have had a thing for him since ’09… He did walk past us to get onto the bus but blanked us and I was pretty gutted to be fair.

Mike the drummer walked past me and my little Atlanta buddy Charlie (in a selfie below) whilst we were queuing up and say hi which was pretty cool. He had so much energy for a drummer it was amazing.

Djordie nodded a couple of times as he passed by. I was blown away by him and his double bass. AND I’ve met Sick Boy from The Creepshow! Just him using the bow during Morning Light was just WOW!

A few people wanted to take photos of the set list I was given at the end of the show by the bands crew and I obliged of course I am a nice person (ish) but I held onto that bit of paper for dear life!!

So as an ostomate we all know how fast your bag can fill up for a whole host of reasons. I had used loperamide and immodium melt but my stoma was just so active. It was quite bad on the train which I was stuck waiting to get into Manchester for 2 hours due to a train engine catching fire on the first line then “severe” flooding on the second, oh yeah with one working toilet!!

But in preparation for the gig I was in my Comfizz support briefs to give me some peace of mind. Like I said earlier I used my left hip to take the brunt of the people behind pushing. At the Alkaline Trio gig I went too I learnt regardless of having a stoma or not (I had a pouch at the time) that having your tummy slammed into a metal barrier HURTS!

I made sure I knew where the toilet was and went before the gig started but damned if I was losing my spot at the front to empty again before the end!!

If you are wanting to go to a gig since having your stoma there is NO reason not to go! I mean I’m pretty irresponsible with myself and I’m OK so as long as you take any meds you need, empty your bag beforehand and wear support then there’s no reason why you couldn’t go or even join in the pit depending on your confidence etc! I personally don’t jump in the pits anymore I would rather watch the show. Although I say that and Kenda from The Creepshow and I started a pretty sweet pit back in ’12… 

So if you haven’t heard the band go check them out! My top three tracks are Sea Of Fire, Ghost fire and Atomic but my list stretches to every damn song they have because they are just amazing!! TIGER ARMY NEVER DIES

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