Jasmine Stacey Collection: Bringing Sexy Back

I have something a little special to show you all.

I met Jasmine at the Purple Wings Charity event and we talked about all sorts, she instantly can make you feel at ease as she is so genuine. She is also very passionate about her products and making the women who wear them stoma or no stoma feel sexy.

Jasmine designs everything herself (I’ve been lucky enough to see some sketches for next season!) it’s all hand made in the UK, Nottingham to be precise! 

We had been chatting about the black widow set as I fell in love with it in the pre season catalogue. Then the month before its launch Jasmine asked if I would like it in RED I love red. She only had like 8 made and I just felt so privileged to be asked I obviously jumped at the chance. I was literally counting down the days to getting the package. 

And boy I wasn’t disappointed when it did even if the postman made it awkward for me by taking it to the office three miles into the sticks! But back to the matter in hand. Everything about this screamed elegance the beautiful sticker to the charming little tags that are safety pinned to your item.

The black widow can be worn in a few different ways for example, your ostomy bag out or in a bag cover (which I got from Jasmine) or a Comfizz waistband or an Alternative Ana (Canadian company) waistband if you are stateside. The straps wrap around your waist and fasten like a bra does so pretty darn simple.

Clearly I can’t do sexy by societies standards or at least I don’t see it. But 00Steve does and that’s all that matters. However even though I pose in the equivalent of bambi trying to walk, I felt attractive, I felt sexy which is the whole point of pretty lingerie. And yes I am wearing my key to me ole mucker Sherlock’s #iamsherlocked

I was like I said very lucky to receive the stoma cover but that wasn’t all!! How many of you wear a convex bag? How many of you hate wearing the strap? It is very clinical looking but obviously doesn’t try to be pretty, it does its job and done. But what if I told you Jasmine is planning on revolutionising them? I know right how else can you make them?

Excuse the picture and my hair and my face and my messy room haha! I had just got up and changed my bag, perfect timing to show you the new adjustable belt that she is working on. I meant to space out the straps a bit more to show how pretty they are. As each side of your bag the two straps double up so you can adjust them with the bits you find on your bra straps. So if like me you need to adjust the hell out of it you can space out the ribbons and feel all sexy knowing your bag is still getting the support it needs.

I am completely in love with my black sorry red widow set and so was 00Steve. the silk makes you feel luxurious and the little lace details are a nice touch. The straps make you feel like you are wearing more than you are which can help with a lot of women’s confidence. I am a very real, curvy/ lumpy, mum who has had three abdominal surgeries and I felt amazing in it. My only body hang up is my lower tummy and it wasn’t an issue for me in this. 

I may only be able to get these once in awhile when I’m feeling flush but they are worth every penny. Jasmine Stacey Collection is DEFINITELY bringing sexy back to women with or without a stoma with her designer quality lingerie.

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