Everyone Deserves Someone Special

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that my someone special is 00Steve. He has been an absolute rock especially since I started to become increasingly ill. I have felt like he deserves a post dedicated to him because it’s not just me who has had a rough year.

 I’ve  been waiting to do this post for awhile but I figured I would do it for his birthday (which was yesterday)  but I also just wanted to spend time with him and obviously Ra-Ra.

Here are just a few reasons why I think I couldn’t have done this without him:

  • He just accepted without any complaint his wife was going to have a bag she pooed in permanently attached to her.
  • He waited around with me before I went in for surgery, sat and waited till I came out, he (and my dad) were there when I came onto the ward.
  • He wasted his holiday allocation so he could look after me.
  • He is fully supportive of this blog and let’s me talk about it non stop.
  • He comes to meetings and events and actually ends up enjoying himself – he isn’t much of a socialite.
  • He listens to me when I have to complain about everything and anything. Sometimes it’s more than “man listening” 
  • He has been amazing when it comes to our daughter and stepped up when I couldn’t.
  • He helps in anyway he can (usually by driving me) to get to meetings or new experiences.
  • Ringing me on the days he couldn’t make it in to visit me (he despises phone calls)

00Steve, I dont think you will ever truly know just how much you mean to me (and Ra-Ra) and I can safely say we love you with our everything. I know this wouldn’t have been as easy for me to do if I didn’t have you by my side, supporting me and listening to me cry.

Here’s to the rest of our lives and whatever adventures life has in store for us now I’m the healthiest I have ever been. 

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