Neon Newbies

So tonight I joined my local beginner’s running group set up by my Boo that you can see in the purple. Now as everyone knows by now running isn’t something I’m new too but I’ve never been part of a running group before. I’m not kidding you it felt really good, the sense of community and positivity was overwhelming. I definitely urge you to seek out your own local running group if you fancy it.

I’m lucky I didn’t just had Boo I had Dyson (in the grey) aswell two of my closest friends to keep an eye out if necessary. She was also a life saver as I had forgotten my sports bra (remembered all my comfizz support were of course) so when I rocked up there she was with a sports bra hanging off her elbow! True Dyson style.

We all did some warm up stretches then played a kind of British bulldog but with no tackling! To all my international readers let me explain… you have to run from A to B. You have people in the middle who tag you and then you become part of the catchers. Last one to be tagged is usually the winner.

Then we started with couch to 5K week 2 I believe. I annoyingly forgot to put my tracker on! Massive facepalm. I managed to stay with the runners athe the front which I have to admit felt amazing. Even if I had a few glares from my Boo! She is just looking out for me just like she does for everyone in the group. One of the “pro” neon runners that were there to help out took us for another lap around the applegarth carpark.

The pro at the front Mel told me the distance we ran/walked was 1.85 miles in around 20/25 mins give or take. We then did some cool down stretches and talked about what we can do during the week before the next meet up. Boo often adds extra advice and exercises into the Neon Newbies Facebook group which if you are local and are curious about please have a look.

Not even too beetroot even though I felt like my face was on fire. I definitely feel so glad that I decided to join up and having the encouragement not just from Boo and Dyson but every other runner that was there. 

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