Comfizz Say Pants To Hernias!

Did you know you could help spread the awareness of hernia prevention and get a Comfizz waistband just by asking your stoma nurse to email Comfizz? I know right sounds too good to be true! But it really is

The nice people over at Comfizz are so passionate about hernia prevention that they will send your stoma nurse a pack of samples AND give each of their patients a FREE waistband. I mean how awesome is that? Don’t just take my word for it this is information sent to me in an email for my stoma nurses. So over to Comfizz HQ!

It is fairly common for nurses to recommend support wear to their patients either for improved quality of life or to manage a parastomal hernia. However, things are changing. Research is proving the benefits of support wear in preventing hernias, and more nurses are now looking for support wear to use as a tool in prevention

So how will ‘Pants To Hernias’ achieve this goal of reducing incidence of  hernias?

By collaborating with stoma nurses like yourself across the country, we can provide product training, and resources to help you get your patients protected in supportive underwear in the most cost effective manner..

By joining ‘Pants To Hernias’ you will receive  …
•    The resources you need at your fingertips all contained in a sturdy bag which can be kept in the office or taken to wards or out into the community.
•    Sample garments to demonstrate to patients
•    Brochures on the whole product range, including size guides and order forms
•    clinical evidence on the benefits of support wear,
•    a cost comparison report for prevention Vs management of hernias
and most importantly, you will get…
•    access to free waistbands for all your patients
The free waistbands will be donated at our cost, the purpose being that you can give all your patients the opportunity to experience and understand exactly why they need support wear and what it feels like.
You can then guide your patient towards the best products to suite their support needs so that they enjoy wearing the garments, which will ensure compliance.
By improving compliance, you enhance the overall level of support provided, giving better protection against hernias.

I know we are a small family business with a big goal but we believe that with your help this big goal is really achievable.

Please join us in saying “Pants To Hernias” and make a huge difference to the lives of your stoma patients.

Comfizz want to help prevent people getting hernias not just help those with hernias. Please ask your stoma nurse to get in touch with the team at Comfizz, it isn’t going to affect their budgets this is free! Prevention is always better than the surgery and costs so much less too!

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