The Future’s Bright The Future Is Comfizz 

So you many have seen on my social media that I went to meet the lovely team over at Comfizz on Friday. That had been in the works since August.

00Steve and I met Nozar at the Purple Wings Charity event that we had the amazing opportunity to attend. I had been talking to his daughter Megan for a couple of months before that on Instagram. I was shown little sneak peaks on Nozar’s phone of the new lines coming out and yesterday I got to look at them in person, touch them and offer opinions. Gotta say they look pretty amazing.

I love the fact that Comfizz is a small family based company you really do get looked after and they are more than happy for you to go to Comfizz HQ and have a chat with the staff, look at the products, touch and try them on. They really are person centred and actually care about prevention of hernias and how you feel in their products. It all started because Lorraine’s (Nozar’s wife) dad has a stoma and they soon found there was nothing out there. They used their knowledge of sports fabric and design to create the products that we see now.

They totally accommodated the fact that I would have to have Ra-Ra come with me as 00Steve drove me to Leeds. Ra-Ra just felt comfortable so quickly it did help Otis the dog was so friendly oh and the copious biscuits helped. Not to mention how smitten she was with Nozar, no word of a lie she would have stayed with you lot! Also they didn’t seem to mind me being “waggish” (yep that word is real as it was in a word of the day email I received!) that means “displaying good-humoured mischeif” which when I asked if I could snaffle the mug with the Comfizz logo on I expected a laugh and a polite nope. But guess what?

I gots me a mug! I tried to Andy Warhal it up in that photo but my phone doesn’t like being fancy though so just imagine I’ve changed the colours…

I think that both the men and women when these are launched are going to be pleasantly surprised. I already know what I’m going to get! New patterns, new colours and new styles. I really wanted to take photos of them but I knew that it would risk taking away from the excitement of launch day which will be soon. As Megan said she is counting down the days.

I also came away with like an abundance of things to try out currently I have at least one of everything! So no hernias for me!! Look at allllll the pretty colours!

I was really nervous and worried that they weren’t going to like me or I was going to embarrass myself if I’m honest. It all stems from a comment someone made 6 years ago  (which is a long time to let something bother you) the comment was “you need to portion yourself out because if you are just you people straigh away people won’t like you”. Now usually I work under the impression that if your going to dislike me; you will dislike me no matter how long it takes for me to become myself, but that comment just wouldn’t leave me be like a bad ear worm. 

But I had no need to feel nervous because as far as I can tell my meeting went well and hopefully soon I will be able to work with them as part of their team in some  capacity. There was a lot to take in and I was a little overwhelmed with everything but hopefully I made a good impression.

So let’s look at my ridiculous poses in my lovely new items! I really need to find my own “blue steel” I guess because my face is a law unto it’s own even when I’m looking into a mirror! Also excuse my tummy I need to get back into exercise and stop drinking fizzy drinks. I have no excuse with the exercise now!!

Above is the level 1 briefs which come in a range of colours.

The white and black vests have a nice little detailing along the bust line which is cute. They are also easier to get on due to having more elasticity in the weave. So if you want a colour go a size up.

I’ve already got a teal vest which you can see here. In the same link are my black level 2 boxers.

Really like these colours but I can’t remember if they were end of line.

Above it the 7″ waistband which has a silicone strip that goes around intermittently to prevent it rolling. The 10″ ones are in this post. I will the review the briefs and the smaller waistband when I’ve worn them a bit more, I also looking at these pictures probably needed a size up I’m clearly not as small as I think I am.

I love the fact they all have their own little patterns which make them feel more lingerie like but still support wear.

So all in all a fantastic day out and I hope that you will all love the new line of products as much as I did when they are released. Remember if you have any queries don’t hesitate to ring or email them, they are a lovely bunch.

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