World Ostomy Day

Hey October first! In my house it was always Hocus Pocus day where we start the countdown to Halloween and obviously watch Hocus Pocus. But since becoming an ostomate I know it’s World Ostomy Day.

I wouldnt be where I am today without it. It really did give me my life back, no I’m not 100% but I’m only 5 months in so that’s not a huge issue right now. What does matter is I’m not in debilitating pain anymore, I was able to try to go out running (I’m still trying to get back with that) I’ve been hiking up a local “mountain” with and without 00Steve, swimming, nights out and more!

I’ve met some amazing new friends who I know are just a message away and get what I’m going through. I’ve found a charity I want to work with more and help fundraise for and promote which is Purple Wings. I’ve learnt about some fantastic companies and get to review their awesome products with you all. 

For me this blog was just a platform to write down what was happening so that my friends and family around the world had the chance to keep up to date with it all if they wanted too. I knew I would be able to try and raise a little bit of awareness with each view. But through my friends and family it has slowly grown to something so much more than I could have imagined. Thank you to all who support me with this, I really appreciate every post view, like, comment and share. 

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