How To: Ordering Prescription Garments

Do you know you can order ostomy garments on prescription? No? Well I’m here to help show you how to do it! There are a few companies that offer this service for instance Vanilla Blush and of course Comfizz

In the UK you can order 6 garments and 3 support belts a year on prescription  (this maybe only if you have an exemption card please check with your GP) 

So because I’ve used the Comfizz online prescription ordering service I will be using them to show you just how easy it is! (My Vanilla Blush knickers I ordered at a stoma open day)

So firstly you obviously go to the web page and click on the products. I suggest here either jotting down the items/colour/size down if you want to order more than one type (or open multiple tabs so you can refer back, you know whatever is easiest)

Then click on the prescription form button  (I’ve highlighted it in the picture above) this will take you to a pretty simple form to fill in.

As you can see why I mentioned making a note of what you want. Once submitted they send the request off to your GP and they will approve it (as long as you haven’t maxed out your allocation) it can take around 2 weeks or so to be processed. If you have any queries you can ring your GP or Comfizz themselves. I have found them to be really pleasant and helpful to deal with and will highly recommend them. The same goes with the ladies at Vanilla Blush too. 

If you are a new ostomate then I suggest getting a couple of items from each (that goes for the men too! Both companies provide for both genders) It is a case of trial and error to find out what you like, what I like with both companies regarding the prescription items is it allows you to have the chance of trying items before you buy them.

Hopefully this helps to make things easier whether your new at this or just haven’t gotten round to trying ostomy garments.

2 thoughts on “How To: Ordering Prescription Garments

  1. Winona says:

    Thanks for this info! I only found out a couple of months ago about ordering garments on prescription and I think it’s so brilliant!
    I clicked through the link to get to the Vanilla Blush page but I think it’s hyperlinked to a different website- just thought I’d mention it!


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