Pirates, Abbeys and Mountains

So little late posting this one up, but I’m suffering alot with dehydration and fatigue. Working nights doesn’t help but neither does having a toddler where I grab maybe an hour here or there.  Last Saturday 00Steve was trying to get the hall ready for painting, our house literally is falling apart so he has had tons to do. We decided that he would pay our train fare and I would take Ra-Ra to Whitby

I personally love Whitby its where I decided I fancied 00Steve and we had our first full day and night as husband and wife in a gorgeous Victoriana hotel with THE best sausages I have ever eaten. 

It was weird not going with him as I haven’t been back without him it’s like OUR place in a way. So Ra-Ra and I set off with a backpack filled with stuff and her bucket and spade clipped to the back. She loves trains at the moment so was so excited to go “really fast on her train” 

The deal for 00Steve paying for the train was to take lots of photos, it was hard to narrow them down for this post as I haven’t posted them anywhere else. She powered up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey (if I remember correctly Dracula is set there) I have a family English Heritage membership so I finally got to use that. 

It was also pirate weekend and Ra-Ra absolutely loved that as she was so excited because they interacted with her and took a photo with her. One set of pirates even gave her one of his doubloons! Or as she said her pirate penny!

We had ice cream, went on some of the amusement rides and of course built sandcastles on the beach.

Then on the Sunday we had a family walk up to Roseberry Topping. It’s the first time this year he has been able to go up. I was going to have go for a run but I’m clearly not ready for trail running yet. We did about 6miles in total and lots of near vertical steps. I DON’T DO STEPS! It doesn’t matter how fit I am steps just knacker me out.

I wore my comfizz boxers and vest so I knew I wasn’t at risk of hurting myself. I wish I could have ran but I still had a good time and it was enough of a workout so I didn’t feel like I missed out.

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