I Wanna Run To You

Yes I just used a Bryan Adams song as a title am I upset about that? Nope. I happen to love that song. But back to the topic at hand I went for my first run in forever last night!

I felt so happy getting back out there, I had had so many plans before my pouch gave out. I thought I was going to be disappointed as I wouldn’t be able to just pick up where I left off. Not that I was amazing but for me and my standards I was.

No I may not have been able to just run without getting tired/out of breath. But I managed 8 full minutes of running where as compared to my first run back in 2014 I could only do 3.5 minutes. I guess being 2st lighter helps! 

Photos nicely provided by 00Steve (I can always count on him to get my good side not!) I’m wearing my Comfizz level 1 vest and level 2 boxers to give me the extra confidence boost and knowing my abdomen was supprted appropriately definitely helped.

My two biggest fans came with me of course. Ra-Ra had begged to come with me and it was easier to stick her in the trike. 00Steve was just happy to spend time outdoors with me (I hate just sitting about outside)

When I did C25K last time I didn’t realise I could track the distance till week 5 (facepalm) and from start to finish as in warm up, run/walk and cool down was 2.23 miles last night from start to finish I did 1.99 miles. I couldn’t be more happier with that.

I didn’t tell the app to F Off like last time, I didn’t look like a beetroot just a bit flush, I wasn’t completely out of breath and knackered. So I am so proud of myself and know I can keep improving. 00Steve even gave me a kiss and said “I’m proud of you my sporty wife” haha he’s such a muppet butt ❤

I will post about my running once a week. So the next post I should have finished week 2. I am just using a standard C25K app, they are all pretty much the same.

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