Isotonic – Product Review 

So I’ve been told twice by my dietician, my stoma nurse and my surgeon to drink isotonic drinks in varying degrees.

So I had been at the beginning of my journey as an ostomate on and off drinking either the Lucozade raspberry or passionfruit sports drinks. They are fine when in a pinch or on offer but they are pretty expensive when you are on a budget. The tesco active range is pretty good money wise and doesn’t taste too bad either.

But it’s still pretty costly and the St Marks solution is a faff on (well it is if you are lazy and don’t have the bits in)

So 00Steve had been looking at premade mixes, you know like the ones athletes or people into their sport would buy. He found some good deals on amazon (he is a self proclaimed amazon whore) this weekend he remembered to buy me some after a walk round the village left me feeling particularly unwell and unusually tired (although I doubt the miscarriage helped)

So this stuff arrived and he bought me citrus flavour. It is HUGE and smells like citrus so that was a good sign. Now I’ve got to drink 1L of this a day before I drink anything else (on advice from the dietician) It seems simple enough, 250ml in a bottle, tip 2 scoops in, shake and add another 250ml. There is half already.

I was worried it would be like the maxijule or other powder to water drinks and taste like it’s powdered water. But I am impressed it doesn’t it still tastes citrusy, it’s even something 00Steve could drink if we were out and about hiking as he said it also tasted better than he expected. It goes as you can see clear as if nothing was in it.

I have a feeling there was an offer on this one but if you scout around I’m sure you can find something to fit your price range. The only downside for me is I work nights and if I do Sunday till Wednesday am I’m not at home for those days. Would need to look at a way I could carry the powder and the scoop so I could still have the drink. I’m sure I have some tupper ware that will be fit for purpose.

3 thoughts on “Isotonic – Product Review 

  1. Hi after reading this I thought I would leave u a comment about the high 5. To combat the problem of you working nights you can actually buy this in sachets on eBay, either a a pre made shot, which I don’t think would suit or as the correct amount of powder ready for you to just pop in your water. You can buy these on amazon or eBay in bulk or single sachets. I think this would solve yoh r issue and save the bags of Tupperware.


  2. Hi Stephie, I am new to all things purple wings etc and ileostomy of July, but I’m wondering if the little bit I think may be related to what you’re looking into isotonic, so I’ll share. Hope it helps. I was told to drink this awful tasting rehydration solution of the WHO…truly yucky, or gatorade or powerade. don’t care much for either so i went to amazon as well and googled electrolyte powders etc. come to find out theres lots and i like these mildly fizzy packets called power pack. i get the acai berry. several in the box and i used a few a day as needed. also used these lytecaps from their drink was just awful but the veg. capsules are full of all the stuff i needed. after i put some weight on about a month out, i used them less to not at all. but ironically now that i just started back at the gym, i found today and yesterday post gym on ride home, got very tired and legs were giving out like the electrolyte imbalance does to me. So I took the packet straight away and capsules and managed to keep on my feet today. hope this helps u some. I don’t sell or use market america stuff anymore but they have isotonic solutions in powder form that u add to just 2 oz of water. very fizzy, never loved it, but maybe that will help u too. blessings…suz


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