New Routine

So when I saw the stoma nurse this week we noticed that my skin doesn’t like barrier sprays.

I have only used the Coloplast spray but it probably goes across the board. (I cant use heat or cold sprays on sprains etc either) my skin dries out and goes a patchy red.

My nurse suggested using this cream. I have to apply a really thin layer on my skin and allow it to dry (I found gently rubbing it in until it had absorbed worked well) 

I also find at the moment “crusting” the powder around my stoma where it bleeds. When using the powder it needs to be a light dusting. I just dump some on then tap my belly (because it’s not flat it works well to knock the excess off) my stoma nurse blows it off, I know of people using a powder brush too. This is something my stoma nurse is very adamant on, as the powder can prevent the adhesive from sticking. The bleeding isn’t anything untoward alot of stomas bleed slightly when getting cleaned up. 

I’ve also been using the tape extenders or the boomerangs. I don’t use them to extend the wear of my bags but to help prevent the risk of leaks or more importantly for me the wafer peeling down! 

I always have my belt on to help secure my bag in place and push my stoma through the hole more. 


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