Product Review: Vanilla Blush

So I bought myself some more items from Vanilla Blush again and decided to post a review on them.

I bought the bikini bottoms with a pouch in to keep my bag off my skin as I go swimming. This isn’t usually an issue for me but I decided I wanted them anyway!

Please excuse how awful I look! I have been on nights and 00Steve was rushing me!

On the size guide it says they are real sizes to fit real women now the nhs knickers I got from Vanilla Blush are a 10 and fit fine, these don’t.  They are a bit tight.

I also bought some intimacy knickers which is just a more polite way of saying crotchless knickers! Again bought in a 10 and a bit tight. 

00Steve approved, the bag didn’t catch or scratch him. They made me feel quite feminine and I would recommend them if you are feeling self conscious in the bedroom.

I would suggest measuring yourself before buying these items, but they are both of good quality and I will wear them even if I have to lose a couple of pounds!

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