Laziness Prevailed

So I’m usually a 2 day 3 day tops change kinda ostomate. But through taking part in an ostomy orientation (more on this in a later post) on Instagram I have seen that some people don’t change for days!

I last changed my bag on Friday it is now Wednesday. I’m changing it after I have taken Ra-Ra swimming later on today. But I’ve just not been arsed with changing it to be honest. 

The wafer still looks pretty good. But just the little patch of velcro is starting to peel off and not hold the opening in the little pocket anymore. It’s just tatty basically. I’m currently wearing the Sensura Mio by Coloplast because I took Ra-Ra and Spuddles swimming with 00Steve on Sunday and it dries off quite quickly.

Because I’ve started to think about it, it’s beginning to itch but I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m changing it in a few hours. 


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