Yay! I can eat salad again or at least I’ve eaten it everyday this week and had no problems so far *touch wood* 

Which is awesome news for me because I really do enjoy a good salad, you know a proper salad with protein and packed with flavour.

So I decided to ease myself in this week and have it with bread…Haha hear me out! If anyone follows my instagram feed then they already have seen it. But I had chicken Italia sausage (Heck, gluten free) cucumber (skin removed) cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, rocket and feta cheese all stuffed into a pitta bread.

You can use any cheese, I’ve done it with chilli halloumi. Any protein tempeh or tofu could work well, obviously the main meat contenders too. With the salad you just pick what you like and prep it till you are comfortable like me removing the skins on the cucumber. It doesn’t even need to be pitta bread, I ran out of pittas yesterday  (well that’s a lie I have some in the freezer) so I got a wrap out.

I spread the feta along the wrap then layered with the salad and sausages.  Wrapped it up and scoffed it! My wrap is wholemeal as I’m trying to reintroduce what I preferred to eat pre op.

What have you found works for you salad wise? 

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