I’m Pooped

I am so tired today. I promised Ra-Ra we could go up the  mountain (that’s what she calls Roseberry Topping)

I decided to do that today whilst 00Steve is away on his brothers stag do. I made up a picnic and got Ra-Ra all suncreamed up and off we went.

She walked all the way from our house right up to the very top herself. Which is incredible since she is just short of three years old. A young couple had sat not very far from the top and said how bad they felt since they couldn’t go any further and she was just powering on up.

I kept getting “No mummy I do it myself” which was great but also terrifying as she slipped and went too close for comfort to the edges of the bank on the way up.

We’re currently rereading The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton and I had asked her could she hear the trees, the response I got was amazing. “I can hear the trees talking mummy”, “Oh what are they saying?”, “They are talking about being green”. I was in stitches it was hilarious.

Although the best bit for me was 00Steve had rang us when we were on our way. Ra-Ra said “We’re going to climb a mountain daddy, mummy is the best ever!” Made my day that did!

The photos on the left are the first time I walked Roseberry Topping without 00Steve. I was 2 stone heavier, just about to embark on my new fit and healthy lifestyle and carried her up to the top on my back. The sense of accomplishment was unreal but today the sense of pride watching my baby do it herself was better.

She was thoroughly knackered bless her so I put her on my shoulders and walked back home through the woods. I definitely feel like I have done my weights and cardio for the next few weeks! 

Although on my way down through the woods I just wanted to run. I used to trail run through those woods. It was like muscle memory my feet knew exactly where they wanted to land and I could almost feel the speed I used to go down those hills, jumping from verge to verge and hopping tree roots. I’m definitely looking forward to starting to run again after almost a year of not being able too. But I will have to start from scratch again so I will be starting C25K after my 12 weeks are up.

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