So I had put Ra-Ra into nursery today (which isn’t her usual day) went and sat at my parents, made my Dad breakfast before heading down to the hospital.

What a bloody waste of my time since I didn’t have the Dietetics appointment today its next month. Well I’m not going to go. I really don’t see the point. Other than the fact I haven’t tried salads yet and I’ve reduced my intake of quinoa a day (I was eating an awful lot of it before) I am eating practically as I was before with onions now back in my diet since I don’t have a pouch full of ulcers for it to exaggerate.

Well I guess it wasn’t a complete waste of my time as my stoma nurse dropped off some Coloplast SenSura Mio bags for me to try as the Dansac bag I’m currently using is driving me insane! Scratching at my leg and what not so its time for a change. The only downside is I have to cut the holes to size in these ones, I’m not very good at that bit!

It also wasn’t a waste of time for Ra-Ra since at nursery this morning I was asked if I minded them taking her on a field trip to a farm that one of the staff lives on/owns. I had no qualms with this so I signed and left. She apparently saw a peacock (aka feathered death in my opinion) stroked some sheep (whole different kettle of fears here) saw where the baby chickens will be going when they are old enough (she loves chickens and they have been watching chicks hatch and grow as part of spring at nursery)

We also went round to my Nanna’s I took her some of the meatballs I made for tea last night (posted on instagram) so she didn’t have to cook for herself. I’m glad she liked them because some of them had quite a spice kick but that’s how I like them. I walked with her to the hairdressers and the bank, I didn’t like the idea of her going by herself when I was in town anyway especially as she needs both of her hips and a knee replaced.

I didn’t get to go to pilates but as I’m taking Ra-Ra to her swimming lesson which will be the first time I have taken her since my operation I didn’t want to accidentally wipe myself out energy wise before I got chance. But at the end of the day it still hasn’t been 12 weeks yet so its not all too bad.

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