Music Quiz

So from the age of 16 I used to go to a local music quiz ran and created by my friend Steve. The photos I took aren’t great but I thought I would share them anyway!

We also have question rounds in between and rounds where we have to identify the song and artist. There is usually a theme to them too.

I haven’t been to the quiz in such a long time due to living 20miles away and having Ra-Ra and 00Steve’s shifts. My dad suggested I stay over at theirs the night of the quiz and 00Steve just brings Ra-Ra to my parents the next morning.

Sorry for how bad the quality is in the cryptic’s. Now I’m in the Hairy Scaries team which has had a few changes over the years. But at one time we had not only Steve’s uncle, best friends but his mum too!

In the top is Steve’s uncle Derek aka tiger or Delboy and the bottom is the quizmaster himself. I have known these two through my parents for years then worked with them too. When I was really ill on children’s and adult wards they would come and see me. I guess other than the fact they cared it was easy for them to pop in so frequently because they worked at the hospital.

And my lovely friends Derek and Sharron both nicely bought me a pint of the good stuff! Haha gotta love a bit of lager!


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