What The…?

So apparently when I’m looking in the mirror to put my bag on and not really paying attention I put my bag on with a major wonk! I did it last night and thought F*@# it but oh my God it drove me insane today. It made me feel EVEN fatter than I have in awhile.

I mean seriously WTF! It doesn’t fill up properly at this angle, it is uncomfortable, it makes me look like I have an alien about to burst free. However needing to change my bag to preserve what little sanity I had left, encouraged me to do a photogrid of me changing my bag. As originally inspired by a fellow ostoMATE  (yeah bethanypurnell!) on her instagram account.

Sure I’m a bit chubby today but I’ve eaten alot and eaten happy! I’m also keeping a food diary this week to share with you all once I’ve seen the dietician next week…

Aaaah that is soooo much better by a long shot. Now my comfizz waistband will hold it in much easier and it’s more streamline.


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