So I’ve had two comfizz 10″ waistbands for a little over a week now and I’ve worn them with different outfits and done different activities.

I have a neutral skin tone one and a black one. I find they help really well with wearing trousers.  I didn’t feel comfortable in trousers at all now if I want to wear a pair I just pop on the waistband and I feel more confident. I did worry that the bag would pop out over the top of my waistband but no more! Oh and Tshirts! How I enjoy not worrying if you can see my bag through my Tshirts or worrying about what style to wear.

I do have a couple of niggles but I think they are more to do with me than the product. I got a small/medium and I guess I thought it was going to be tighter than it is. But it helps to keep the flow regular and provides light support. It seemed to ride up on me alot and I felt like I was pulling it down a bit, but it’s the same with anything round my hips. Like I said the issues probably lay more with me than the waistbands.

I would definitely recommend them to people. They really are comfortable and are made of a breathable material so you don’t get overly hot. You can wear them day and night without issue to your stoma. I won’t wear them over night, however I may in the future. I tend to wake up with what feels like a whoopee cushion stuck to my tummy as my bag doesn’t seem to want to filter out air very well so it just BALLOONS up like mad.

It’s often MUCH more balloon like than pictured, the skin on my stomach gets quite tight from the build up. I would be worried the bag would burst inside the waistband.

You can get these on prescription as well as briefs, boxers and vests in ranges of colours and support levels. You can get up to 6 items and buy them as well. Just head on over here to check out their full range.

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