So tonight I had my first shower…no not first shower ever but without my bag on. I have been really apprehensive about this because of how sore the peristomal skin is.

Well the barrier ring and powder combo has been brilliant for healing the skin. The granulomas have shrunk but only by a little bit I think I will ring the stoma nurse and arrange to see them next week.

So first thing my stoma did was crap on my foot. I mean really now? I figured it was going to happen but straight away? Come on! I just thought oh well at least I’m in the right place haha.

I’m kinda indifferent to which I prefer I the case of showering with or without the bag. I’m glad I conquered that little fear but I think unless I’m not in a rush I will do it bag-less. Like then I can take the time to dry the skin well after. But if I shower with the bag on the skin is dry from where the wafer/adhesive sits.

Does anyone else have a preference bag or no bag that is the question?

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