Wander In the Woods

First things first, yesterday I saw my stoma nurse and she put some silver nitrate on the granulomas so hopefully that’s that!

Today we met up with 00Steve’s best mate/brother Chappie and his girlfriend Magz. We went off towards Thirsk and up to the White Horse, Magz being from Durham had no idea it existed. I wanted to show Ra-Ra the planes and gliders, part of me wanted to show off to her because a few years ago 00Steve paid for me to have a glider lesson. (I love planes haha when I was 16 and 17 I did aerobatic flying lessons)


I wouldn’t have been able to have taken a photo of all the damn steps but christ alive I forgot how many! No matter how fit I am steps and inclines make me feel like I’m going to die! So….many….steps!


I had my first experience of emptying my bag outdoors as there wasnt a toliet close by. It was a bit embarrassing but I just told the guys to move along and I would catch up. The views of cleveland way and the Moors are stunning regardless of the weather. We all had a great day and I feel bloody knackered now!


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