My Jet Set Life (Not Really)

Gosh my life is so thrilling when I have nothing planned! Today I sat at my Mam’s doing my coursework (only 14 questions left and it was supposed to be in back in March!) I’ve currently just had peanut chicken stir fry from scratch and I’m sat with a beer procrastinating!


Tomorrow is an Ostomy open day being held in town. It’s from what I gather a bunch of companies who provide different things for people with stomas showing their wares. I will write a post on it tomorrow and try to take as many pictures as I can and bring as many leaflets back with me.

I rang up my GP then my ostomy delivery supplier about my comfizz support waistbands as I hadn’t heard anything but they are due to arrive next Thursday. Just in time for my jaunt to The Burgh!

Got a few exciting things happening over the next couple of weeks. Got my parents coming for tea on Thursday night (so blitzing the house Wed/Thurs) getting my thigh piece finished by my beautiful bestie Jeki (if your local check her out at The Tattoo Lounge) on Friday. Then on Monday I go to just outside Manchester to meet a fellow fitgirl from SAN DIEGO!! Stacy is having a euro trip and her last night is with me so excited. Then the Friday till Sunday I will be going to stay with my amazing friends the Puddleducks aka Lauren and Tom with 00Steve and Ra-Ra in Edinburgh. Also a fitgirl meet up is happening that Saturday and another beauty of a fitgirl Laura is flying up from Bristol to see Lauren, me and the other fitgirls.

So very excited about all that!! I’m going to be very vain and post my outfit of the day because I love my skirt so much!


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