Pink Punk Army

Today was Cancer Research’s Race For Life 5K event in Middlesbrough. Since 2013 I have done it every year since (I was heavily pregnant that first year) with Ra-Ra. It’s like our thing, it’s great because I have watched her progress from tip toeing across the finish line, to walking and now running across the line. Now I can’t find one of me pregnant but that maybe a good thing!


This is the last 3 years of us with our medals. She makes me so proud everyday.

The second year we did it 00Steve and I had done Total Warrior the day before and I had been discharged from hospital less than 2 weeks after being diagnosed with pouchitis. This year I did it 4 weeks after having my ileostomy fitted.


We started 20 minutes late due to unforseen circumstances  (my nephew threw up and my mam had to go back home poor thing) within 20 minutes of fast walking and periodic running/jogging we had caught up with the tail end of the walkers and by 4K passed a heck of a lot of them. I think I ran about 1K in total which I’m pretty pleased with.

I didn’t take the mick though when I got out of breath or felt I had ran enough I would stop and walk a bit more until I wanted to run again. On Instagram I posted my snapchat of me running beetroot faced!

Can we just stop a moment to fully appreciate Ra-Ra’s placement of her fake tattoos we got in my pack.


She had about 8 in the end and I put glitter eyeliner on her cheeks. She is so amazing.

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