Food Issues

So after years of having an awful relationship with food, I get very stroppy about not being able to eat what I want (most of the time swayed by TV! Damn my weak constitution) When my Ulcerative Colitis first started to flare up I was full swing with an eating disorder. Most people say oh that’s what triggered it. I still get immensely annoyed at this comment because it’s a genetic disease, I was destined to have the bloody thing.

But anyway, I was bullied for being fat yet I used to get the nickname skinny off my dad. What was worse for me was when I was prescribed the steroids, now don’t get me wrong they worked really well at suppressing my flare ups (so much so I became addicted and would cry at my consultant till I got them) BUT I got severe moon face with them it was awful.

I still have a slight eating disorder but I truly believe they never fully go away, you become stronger at controlling them. I unfortunately use food as a stress control aid, I withhold food from myself if I feel like I don’t deserve it. This is something now I have the stoma I will have to get out of and sharpish, I seriously don’t want more surgery.

2 years ago this September I couldn’t look at myself without crying. I had put a lot of weight on after moving due to us saving for an oven and eating takeaways. I joined Fit Girls Guide and started running. I learnt a lot about food and a lot about


. But I struggled when I was put on the low FODMAP diet (from the lack of veg) and I have been struggling at times with the low residue diet.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom there are some nice foods you can eat out there if you are willing to put the time in. In my next post I will put a few of my favourites in.

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