Food Glorious Food

As promised here are some of the meals I’ve been eating. Some have foods on the not allowed list but I’m eating with caution  (except the quinoa I ate way more of that than I should and I don’t digest that very well. So in future small amounts of that for me!)


Starting top left:
● ham tortellini in a homemade veg sauce
● chorizo and quinoa enchiladas
● bacon, egg and toast
● bacon, black pudding and scrambled egg with cheese sandwich
● jacket potato (no skin) mixed with ham, cheese and roasted peppers
● chicken, chorizo and mozzarella with quinoa
● hunters chicken with sweet potato fries


In this from top left:
● Mexican pizza (bolognese, peppers, jalapeño, stuffed crust)
● cheese omlette
● sweet potato and chickpea curry with rice and homemade naan
● potato and chorizo hash with peppers and asparagus
● peanut chicken stir fry

If anyone wants any of the recipes I’ve cooked so far just drop a comment and I will post the recipe. The curry was particularly good! I can say that as long as you either wait the 6 weeks or you do similar to me and introduce slowly (ie one or two new items a meal) you will get through this!



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