So today is World IBD Awareness day and my 4 week stoma anniversary. Most awareness days have a colour and this one is no different. Thankfully I had something purple I could wear! One of my best friends is coming for tea tonight so my dress makes me feel like it’s more of an occasion than a catch up.


I saw my surgeon yesterday, he seems to be rather happy with my progress. He just said to be more mindful of introducing new foods as I went a bit over board the other day. I thought I may have been having a blockage which obviously is not what I want! He also spoke about me going back to work when I’m ready and taking it slow with exercise  (starting preferably in another 2 weeks)

I decided to go for a walk the other night. Just me and my music, ended up being just short of 5 miles! I even snuck in two short runs of around 100m each. But I wasn’t dressed for running so didn’t take the mick.



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