Connect With Me!

I like many people around the world use social media. If you want to connect with me on these then please feel free.

First off is Instagram. I post photos on here all the time, food/selfies/family/exercise etc. I do have my instagram feed linked to show on my homepage.


I sometimes remember I have Twitter too! I go through phases of using it all the time. But I guess I just need to work out who I want to follow etc!


Same goes with my snapchat I love playing with the filters because let’s be fair some are hilarious.


I also use YOUapp in fact I’m actually an ambassador for this app and with that I help try to promote it and offer improvements etc. It’s a really good app to help you focus on yourself and the world around you with microactions. Microactions are actions which barely take any time to do. This app has really helped me with my depression and I truly love the community there. Everything and everyone is positive and it’s just lovely to be a part of it.


I hope to see some new faces on these apps and hopefully you will not be too bored of me haha!


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