I’m Hurt, I Am Very Much Hurt

Haha sorry about the How To Train Your Dragon quote for the title but I did feel like being over dramatic.

I have had an awful day I woke up in a lot of pain and just presumed it was hunger. However not that I ate anything for like another 5 hrs due to being in so much pain. Even then it just hurt more as I ate.

I ended up laying on a mat in the front garden whilst 00Steve planted some flowers and trees. I was in my dressing gown despite it being really sunny I was cold. I must have fallen asleep because he woke me up to ask where certain flowers go. I felt worse than I did before. When I went into the kitchen I ended up on the floor, one minute I was upright then everything went tingly and I was sat on the kitchen floor. Weird, but I just sat there until the tingling died down. I get the dizzy spells far too frequently this past year and I’ve had it where I blackout into a wall or things go hot/fizzy/dark or I have just frozen but never just dropped to the floor. I will mention it to my consultant on Wednesday.

However I managed to give Ra-Ra a bath, play on Fallout 4, made chilli for 00Steve’s pack up and actually ate. I’m not too bad now but by heck it sucked.

Yesterday however was better, I still had some stomach pain but it was the sore skin around the stoma. When I change my bag later I’m going to put a adhesive gum seal around it to save my skin a bit. We went for a walk around the village, past the cricket fields where a match was on and up too the football fields where we flew a kite.

Now Ra-Ra’s favourite film is Mary Poppins and she sung Let’s Go Fly A Kite as they ran around the pitch. It took aaaages before the kite actually took off but when it did we were able to tie it to her trike handle and just watch it.



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