Well today has been interesting to say the least. It was my first day with Ra-Ra by myself. Had an appointment with the Stoma Nurses to sort out my prescription for my pre cut convex bags.  I had to have my mam come in with me whilst she should have been on shift (her colleague understood and didn’t mind one bit bless her) and I’m so glad I did because Ra-Ra ran bloody riot.

Then we went to the park for the second time whilst waiting for El Husko to be free as it was his birthday. Then I wandered up to my parents, they were both on shift but it gave me somewhere comfortable to wait until 00Steve finished work.

OH MY GOD I am so not ready to be looking after her by myself. She clearly has had her own way spending the last fortnight with her dad. Totally tried o take me for a ride and managed to pull my stomach. Not cool Ra-Ra, not cool at all.

Thankfully both of my parents are around tomorrow to help me out. How have any other ostmates dealt with troublesome toddlers after surgery?


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