Three Generations

So yesterday was my mam’s birthday. The original plan was to go round and do some painting and stuff. After a lovely early lunch of eggy bread, my mam decided she wanted to go to a beach. I mean it was a glorious day weather wise. So once my dad had had his lunch (he was on a lunchbreak from work) we set off to mine to get a ticket for sea life printed, Ra-Ra’s net/bucket and spade, coat in case it got cold. We are in England after all.


We got to Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary about half 3 in the afternoon and had about an hour in there. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the both of them running round pointing at different fish etc. Ra-Ra as usual got spoilt rotten and we even got the photos that they super impose you in a scene.


After that we were all pretty hungry and thirsty. So we went up to the seafront and had planned on finding something to eat but had a nice walk along the beach and popped into the amusements arcade. We tried to go to a subway but they reckoned they were closed. Shame because we ended up going to a takeaway and get chicken wraps, the taste was lovely but as it went on it was too salty for my mam and too fatty for me.


So all in all a great day, Ra-Ra said she had the best day ever and my mam said she had the best birthday ever. I can safely say the next time I decide to go out on a whim with someone I need to pack a drink and something to eat even of its a cereal bar. But considering that I haven’t walked that far I did quite well. We just took it easy although not being able to empty my bag was a tad uncomfortable, sure I emptied it when we got to the sea life sanctuary but it soon filled up again.



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