Home Again Home Again Fidledy De

First things first…


As a massive Stars Wars fan I couldn’t have not! May the Fourth be with you!!

So I got discharged again today, hopefully for the last time. I went round a couple of shops with my mam, although by the time we were in tesco all my energy had been wiped so back in the wheelchair I went. But at least it wasn’t like it was a straight off kinda thing. Because we spent ages in wilkos, an old lady dropped her money and straight off without thinking I dropped to my hands and knees to find it for her. I just seemed to forget I was in a wee bit of pain and just had surgery! I honestly just felt so blah after it.

We then took a drive up to mcdonalds it was odd because we never drive to that one since we live about 26 miles in the complete different direction! They had also started more roadworks up there it’s like it never stops. When we got back I just laid down catching up on last night’s Penny Dreadful until 00Steve and Ra-Ra came to pick me up.

I collected my antibiotics from the hospital then walked into town to get my mam’s birthday cards. Was told that I looked really slim and they couldn’t tell about the bag. My best friend Jeki came to see me last night and she said the same thing, although she took it a step further and ran off down the corridor to try and see if she could see it haha gotta love her. My main little win for myself was going into town this afternoon in a t-shirt my mam got me and leggings whilst not being overly self conscious about it.


Also I sliced some asparagus tips thinly, sliced some chorizo, skinned some roasted peppers (I bought a jar thinking they were already done grr) sautéed it off with some of the peppers oil. Popped a bag of garlic butter baby potatoes in the microwave and thought nothing of it. As I was slicing said potatoes it dawned on me the SKINS OF DOOM!! 00Steve pushed me out of the way and started de-skinning them himself as I started effing and blinding haha.



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