Hi I’m Stephie And I’m Scared To Drink


Hi I’m Stephie and I’m scared to drink fluids incase it makes my stoma output watery. That’s what I would be saying if I was in a stoma support group you know like AA or something of the like. And with this newfound phobia I have caused myself to become dehydrated, this obviously isn’t good on soooo many levels. On the plus side I have an appetite now!

First off my body needs fluids to help my body recover from the major surgery I had not even a fortnight ago. To keep my major organs in good working order and pretty much keep me going. I mean isn’t your body supposed to be made up of 70% water? Clearly I need to be drinking. As I type this I keep looking over at the full water jug and empty glass and thinking DRINK DAMMIT DRINK. However it really does make me want to cry.

Secondly I’ve now got a urine infection and I’m on two types of antibiotics. I’ve also been told I’m being monitored for tachycardia and to top it off I have an infection in my stoma along the retracted side.


It’s obviously still raw from the leak but I’ve been putting the powder on since then and it will take some time to fully heal. Just above the broken skin on the left of the stoma is the infection. (You can see the remnants of my middle star tattoo on the right haha) five different people came to look at it before it was swabbed.  As the junior doctor pressed around my stomach it really hurt on the side of the infection. She also was quite fascinated watching the stoma move (everyone else on the ward who has a stoma isn’t currently functioning like mine for whatever reason)

I know it’s a fear I need to get over asap because I’m now on my second bag of 10hr IV fluids and I hate being on fluids. I’m also having to measure what I drink, my bag output and my urine. The urine bit sucks as if the staff aren’t aware I’m in first and foremost to the wound bleed they have a bit of a look on their face when they see a pool of blood sat in the pan too. But I guess that’s a normal reaction.

Has anyone else found they became overly wary or scared of something that wouldn’t usually affect them? If so please feel free to let me know because I’m feeling a bit on the lonely side over here!

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