Help Will Be Asked

So today has not been a particularly good day. When I picked up my iron liquid to help my borderline anaemia I should have spoken to the registrar who asked me how I was rather than passing it off as probably normal.


Found and re-read this (explained to me as the traffic light system) and it’s made me a bit worried if I’m honest. I have a few of the red zone symptoms. So my plan is that if they persist tomorrow I will ring the stoma nurse, or if I’m too poorly 00Steve will do it for me. I’m currently drinking a sports drink slowly and periodically munching on chocolate Swiss roll. I would rather a jam one but I can’t take the chance of it not being seedless.


I haven’t had much appetite since I woke up. I’ve had some rice crispies, a fromage frais, some curly fries and some of the Swiss roll. I’m trying to eat but it’s just so damn hard when I feel quite weak. But other than that we took Ra-Ra to a soft play and we wandered round tesco. I felt that weak that round the shop that I went round in a wheelchair (they took turns! My child is a toddler version of the hulk) and at the soft play I literally laid on the sofa for the 2 hrs we were there.


So now I’m just waiting to feel tired enough before heading to bed.


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