Bag What Bag?


Last hospital selfie! Bag? What bag? And nope my scarf isn’t covering it! Still a little swollen as expected but that will calm down soon enough.

Yesterday I changed my bag under the watchful eye of my stoma nurse but today I had a shower and did it all myself. Those were the conditions to be released and so I had to fulfill them. I am pleased to say I did it with no real issues.

00Steve sent me pictures this morning of our garden covered in blooming snow. I showed the hospital staff the photos and casually said “I won’t be doing my 30 minutes of walking today!” Everyone laughed.


Thankfully it thawed when I got home but it’s horrible so I did some of my walk around tesco instead.

Currently just sat curled up in my chair thinking about what I’m going to have for tea, watching these two beauties.


Can you tell he’s had a rough night with her bless him 💜


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