Mister Sandman

Damn well give me a dream! So I’m currently sat outside the ward in the corridor with my feet up on the sofa as I type this. Mainly in some vain hope of signal and the rest because I told the nurses this is where I would be!

I cannot seem to sleep tonight, can’t pinpoint a single reason. I keep getting too hot, too cold, I can’t get comfortable, I ache and everyone in my bay is snoring like beasts.

I have had the catheter removed and I seem to be coping in that area well unlike Friday when my body just held onto all forms of liquid. They had to resite my cannula as it puffed up around where the little tube was further up my arm. But it didn’t last in my wrist either it just popped itself out. So they have decided I just need oral medication now which gives me a bit more freedom to move.

I’ve been giving the Poo Pouri stuff a large amount on consideration today as my output really does stink! Sure nobodies smells pleasant, but one nurse pointed out I’m probably more aware of it as it’s closer to my nose than before. I’m also going to use the bag deodoriser/lubricant I got from Opus just to help a bit because it’s no good if I want to throw up once I’ve emptied my bag is it? The Poo Pouri stuff you can get on amazon for varying prices/fragrances/sizes.

I officially can’t wait for the drainage tube to be removed. It’s currently just a bit of tubing with a safety pin to stop it retracting into my body and a bag stuck on top. So as I move the tube gets caught on the bag and tugs. Not too pleasant.

I’m also still getting used to the stoma moving around of its own accord. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like deciding to shift to another part of my stomach. But  the muscle contracts itself every so often and as it sticks and unsticks to the  bag it’s pretty weird. It doesn’t hurt or anything it’s just new and awkward. This transition may take me longer than I had hoped. But hey ho I will get there eventually!


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