Communication Breakdown

So today was not an entirely good day. I am pretty sure that it won’t all be like this and I’ve got to remember tomorrow is a new day. Silver linings and all that.

Not entirely sure where to start as my concentration levels are pretty low if I’m honest. I think I will start with  the couple of positive points I have! The physiotherapist was really impressed with how well I was walking and had been moving about. I had to fight to get dressed because I refused to walk up and down the ward without any underwear on whatsoever! I also wanted my catheter attached to my leg and I was supposed to have had my drainage tube swapped into a bag. So those bits annoyed me.

My Stoma nurse came and had a chat with me and changed my bag. I had already passed wind and started to pass faeces which I think is great because we know everything is working.


Not going to lie I did not expect it to bloody move!! Haha it contracted and twitched was freaking weird but I didnt panic or anything so that was fine. I also don’t think it looks too swollen or misshapen either.

The drainage tube had a leak, (warning I think this is where I had most of my emotional breakdown) my stoma nurse had offered to change it but because she couldn’t find a safety pin which would prevent the tube from  going back inside my body. The nurses didn’t hear her say that she couldn’t do it. So I was left to carry it whilst doing my walk with physio. Once I had cried about it the nurse realised she found and sterilised a safety pin. But we did NOT expect to have a torrent of blood soak my knickers/dress and the floor. We got sorted out and then I used the low residue diet booklet to help me get something to eat. Later on I needed to have the bag changed and the HCA decided to use one of my stoma bags I told them no because I needed a tap so I could drain it easily. Then I had to explain about 5 times what size the nurse cut it so the safety pin wouldn’t get caught.

And because at one point today I felt attractive even if I was still in a gown!



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